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Crafting a Day That Works for You and Your Toddler

As a work-at-home mom, every day is an adventure filled with twists and turns, but with a bit of determination and flexibility, it’s possible to establish a structured routine that caters to both professional obligations and the needs of your little one. My journey as a work-at-home mom has been a rollercoaster ride, but since my toddler has transitioned to a one-nap-a-day schedule, I’ve found a semblance of consistency and predictability that has revolutionized our days.

Seizing the Morning Quiet

My day begins bright and early at 5:30 am, a precious window of time where I prioritize self-care and fitness. A morning workout not only energizes me for the day ahead but also allows me to relish a quiet cup of coffee before my little one wakes up around 7:30 am.

Embracing Outdoor Time

As an advocate for the outdoors, I prioritize our morning walk to soak in the fresh air and sunshine. It’s a wonderful opportunity for bonding with my little one while also nurturing our physical and mental well-being.

Structured Morning Routine

Following our morning walk, it’s time to refuel with a hearty breakfast for both of us. While I attend to my morning routine, including showering and getting ready for the day, I ensure my little one is safely engaged in his play area, lovingly referred to as “baby jail.” Turning on educational content like Ms. Rachel allows me to prepare for the day ahead while ensuring my toddler is entertained.

Productive Work Sessions

With my toddler happily occupied, I dive into my work tasks, making the most of his independent playtime. While I strive to minimize screen time, I acknowledge the occasional necessity of relying on educational apps or videos to keep him engaged while I attend to work commitments.

Maximizing Naptime for Focus

Lunchtime signals a brief pause before transitioning into the next phase of our day: naptime. This golden window of 1.5-2 hours becomes my dedicated block of work time, allowing me to tackle tasks that require heightened focus and concentration. Scheduling calls during this period ensures maximum productivity without interruptions.

Embracing Imperfection and Flexibility

Our days may not always go according to plan, and no two days are alike. But through trial and error, I’ve discovered a rhythm that works for us—a delicate balance of work and caregiving that allows me to feel accomplished and fulfilled. Embracing imperfection and remaining flexible in the face of unforeseen challenges is key to maintaining sanity in this chaotic yet rewarding journey of work-at-home motherhood.

Find What Works for You

Ultimately, every work-at-home mom’s journey is unique, and it’s essential to find a routine that aligns with your personal preferences and the needs of your family. Experiment with different schedules and routines until you discover what works best for you and your little one. Whether it’s seizing the morning quiet for self-care or maximizing naptime for focused work, embrace the flexibility and adaptability that comes with navigating the intricacies of work-at-home motherhood. Remember, mama, you’re doing an incredible job—find what works for you and stick with it.

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