Krystan Rose

Hey there! I'm Krystan, and if you've stumbled upon my corner of the internet, you're in for a journey through the chaotic and wonderful world of a work-at-home mama. I'm the proud mama bear to a lively toddler who entered the scene in September 2022, turning my world upside down in the most magical way.

As an entrepreneur hustling in the online realm, I found myself in a unique situation when motherhood knocked on my door. Maternity leave? Well, that's a luxury I couldn't afford. Picture this: a mere two weeks off, and then it was back to the grind with a newborn in tow. I'm an Online Business Manager specializing in wellness and dance businesses, and I also wear the hat of a dance teacher. Juggling deadlines and diapers, you know the drill!

Motherhood hit me like a curveball, and with no childcare in sight (because, let's face it, childcare is practically the cost of unicorn tears), I've been figuring this whole mom thing out on the fly. There's no manual for this journey, but hey, I'm making it work, one baby step at a time.

Now, you might be wondering, "Does she know what she's doing?" The honest answer? Not a clue! But here's the silver lining—I think I'm doing an okay job. And really, isn't that the essence of this crazy ride called parenthood? Figuring it out as we go, embracing the beautiful chaos, and reveling in the small victories.

My son is my world, my little muse who inspires me to navigate the delicate dance between business meetings and bedtime stories. While I may not have all the answers, I've got an abundance of love, laughter, and a few stories to share.

Join me on this rollercoaster ride through the trials and triumphs of being a work-at-home mama. Let's laugh, cry, and celebrate the messy, marvelous adventure that is motherhood. After all, life is too short not to enjoy every precious moment, even the ones that come with a side of spilled coffee and sleepless nights.

Grab a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine, depending on the hour), stay a while, and let's navigate this beautiful chaos together. Cheers to the wild ride of work-at-home mamahood!

With love and chaos,

​Krystan 🌈💖


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